Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby Fever
Okay what the hell is this? I mean women who are role models that have babies suddenly make some sort of ridiculous natural pyramid scheme for more human creation. I'm sorry but the world is overpopulated enough without modern day women getting some form of viral mental disease from looking at miss pretty bitch having a kid. Excuse me if I'm wrong but does this mean that Angelina Jolie will ultimately lead tot he demise of civilisation? I always knew she was up to something fishy.

If female role models have babies and this causes an influx of baby having sexy time with the regular followers, does this mean that unsuccessful ugly women are gonna have an opposite effect? If so, Fella's we got some work to do. For the sake of humankind, please, please go out and impregnate some dirty bogan heffer that happens to be very social. And I thank you now for your corageous efforts to sustain our future existance. Cheers Buddy.

Hey internet.

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